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We are The Code Distillery

The Code Distillery provides specialist consultancy services for Python web apps to help your dev team focus on the business of building sites. We have many years experience building high load websites for public sector organisations and have become specialists in both high performance sites and the details of Zope and Plone's security infrastructure.

For agencies using Plone we are available to perform code review on your custom code. Most penetration testing companies focus on SQL injection as in most systems it is the easiest exploit vector. As this isn't true for Plone, these reports are often a waste of money. We will use our expert knowledge of the Zope and Plone stacks to review your source code, as well as running attacks against test sites to find potential attack vectors, and will provide specific recommendations for your developers on how to fix them.

We don't just cater for sites with tens of thousands of users, we also offer competitively priced security support contracts for older versions of Plone.  As only the latest two major versions of Plone are under security support it is easy for end users to fall behind the latest version if they don't have an in-house team.